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I am honored and humbled to present my schedule of appearances (to date) for 2020 and 2021:

                                  2020 CAMPAIGN ENGAGEMENTS (to date):
Note: this is partial and subject to change as engagements are added..
*February 14th-17th, Battle of Olustee, Florida, and the Lake City Battle of Olustee Festival
*February 27th-28th, Quincy Youth Symposium ll and Quincy Public Library, Quincy, IL
*April 14th, Outer Banks CWRT in Outer Banks, NC
*April 16th, Hampton Roads CWRT in Hampton Roads, VA
*April 18th, Sultana Disaster Museum annual Symposium, Marion, AR
*April 22nd, Ross County Historical Society in Chillicothe, OH
*May 15th-16th, “Captain Grant-The Desperate Years” at “Whitehaven” Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site
*May 17th, “Grant and Twain: The Men and The Memoirs”
with Warren Brown as Samuel Clemens in Park Forest, IL
*May 25th, Memorial Day ceremony in Crossville, TN
*June 9th, Grant Alabama CWRT in Grant, AL
*June 13th-14th, Camp Nelson, Kentucky
*June 22nd, Zanesville CWRT in Zanesville, OH
*June 25th, G. A. R. Hall in Peninisula, OH                                                                                
*July 2nd, Ripley, MS, Tippah Tigers Camp, #868, SCV
*July 24th, Ulysses S. Grant Symposium in St.Louis, MO, as President Grant                    
*August 9-10, Springfield, MO
*August 13th, Tennessee Valley CWRT in Huntsville, AL
*September 4th-6th, Astoria, OR Fort Clatsop Labor Day event
*September 14th-21st,
American Queen Cruise Lines Louisville-Cincinnati
*September 25th-27th, Mexico, MO,
“Walk Back in Time” Historical Festival
*October 12th, Northeast Indiana CWRT in Ft. Wayne. IN
*October 13th, South West Michigan CWRT in St. Joseph, MI
*October 15th, Cincinnati CWRT
*October 18th, “Grant and Twain: The Men and The Memoirs” with Warren Brown as Samuel Clemens in Papillion, Nebraska
*October 26th-November 2nd,
American Queen Cruise Lines-Memphis to Chattanooga
*November 2nd-8th,
American Queen Lines-Chattanooga to Memphis
*November 11th, Cleveland, Ohio CWRT
*November 16th-22nd, Memphis to New Orleans
*December 1st, Brunswick, NC CWRT
*December 8th, Scottsdale, AZ CWRT
*December 14th, Granbury, Texas, CWRT

I am pleased to announce that I have been engaged to appear in 2021, on the American Queen, the American Countess and the American Duchess riverboats, of the American Queen Steamboat Company, for six Civil War cruises. Each cruise is a week in length.

The dates and boats are:
* April 26th on the American Queen
* June 6th on the American Countess
* June 13th on the American Countess
* October 11th on the American Duchess
*October 31st on the American Countess
* November 7th on the American Countess

Other 2021 engagements confirmed to date are:
*January 13th, Cookville, Tennessee CWRT
*Feb’y 11-14th, Battle of Olustee (FL) Festival and the Battle
of Olustee Re-enactment
*April 3rd, The General’s Breakfast at Cherry Mansion
*April 9th-11th, Appomattox 156th Anniversary
*April 13th, Williamsburg, Virginia CWRT, With General Lee (Thomas Jessee) presenting “Appomattox: The Last 48 Hours”                                                                                              *April 15th, Hampton Roads CWRT, with General Lee (Thomas Jessee) presenting “Appomattox: The Last 48 Hours”                                                                                             *April 17th, Civil War Symposium in Quincy, Illinois
*July 12th, Kingsport, Tennessee, CWRT, with General Lee (Thomas Jessee), presenting “The Battle of the Wilderness: Two Days in Hell.”                                                                    *July 13th, Knoxville, Tennessee, CWRT (Perhaps with General Lee (Thomas Jessee)
*July 23rd, portraying President Grant at The Ulysses S. Grant Symposium in St. Louis, Missouri                                                                                                                                               *August 7th, Arrow Rock, MO

Iuka 2013 Grant pic Carnton 14 Grant flagCarnton 14 Grant Greatcoat bustDover Grant candles Photo by Kris CharisDover Grant portraitAAAA 'Banner' cover for Winter 2015 SUVCW Nat'l PubA Camp Chase Gazette coverCompanion April May Covers DONEDONEDONEAAAA Camp Chase Gazette cover March-April 16 by Jeff Shiflett
AAAA Appomattox Movie Poster

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General Grant


  Portrait of President Grant

President Grant speaks at the Studebaker National Museum in South Bend, Indiana.

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