General Grant and General Lee (Thomas Jessee) Will Present “Appomattox: The Last 48 Hours” for the Grant, Alabama, Library Civil War Round Table and the Guntersville (Alabama) Historical Society at the Guntersville Senior Center in Guntersville, August 12th, Instant.

August 12, 2018 @ 14:30 – 16:30
Guntersville, Alabama, Senior Center
1503 Sunset Dr
Guntersville, AL 35976
Richard Burton

Generals Grant and Lee (Thomas Jessee) will meet at the Guntersville, Alabama, Senior Center on Sunday, August 12th, instant.  They will be presenting their two-man production, “Appomattox: The Last 48 Hours.”

The Generals are please to, once again, come together to share their communications during those tense and critical hours leading up to the surrender in Wilmer McLean’s parlor on the afternoon of April 9th, 1865.  Their appearance is brought about by the cooperation of the Grant, Alabama, Library Civil War Round Table (Yes, the town IS named after General Grant!) and the Guntersville, Alabama, Historical Society.

Feel the stress and angst between the two Generals as they wrestled with their armies and, simultaneously, how to stop the killing.

The event is at 2:30 PM o’clock and is free to the public.  General Lee and General Grant hope that all, who may, will come and hear History as it is being made and meet them afterward.

Should more information be desired, please contact Richard Burton at his Signal Corps communication device # of (256) 653-1268

Please join General Grant and General Lee in an afternoon of good History!  They look forward to meeting you.









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