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Dr. E. C. (Curt) Fields, Jr., has been an avid and lifelong student of the American Civil War.  His interest in portraying General Ulysses S. Grant was driven by that study and his deep respect and admiration for General Grant.

Dr. Fields is the same height and body style as General Grant and, therefore, presents a convincing, true-to-life image of the man as he really looked.  He researches and reads extensively about General Grant in order to deliver an accurate persona of the General.   His presentations are in first person, quoting from General Grant’s Memoirs; articles and letters the General wrote, statements he made in interviews or wrote himself, and first-person accounts of people who knew the General or were with him and witnessed him during events. Appomattox 2014 Lee Grant seated Photo by Gail Rebecca Jessee   Dr. Fields holds a Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Education from the University of Memphis.  He later earned a Master’s degree in Secondary Education and Ph.D. in Educational Administration and Curriculum from Michigan State University.  He is a career educator having taught for eight years at the Junior and Senior high school levels; then served for 25 years as a high school administrator.  He teaches as an adjunct Sociology Professor at the University of Memphis and in Education for Belhaven University, Memphis campus.

Appomattox film Grant Lee shake hands  Photo by Kris CharasIMG00977-20120220-1212 (1)Farmington Grant and horse old 2013Grant at Brownsville, TN 2013He is now an Educational consultant and Living Historian.   As a consultant, he has worked in Leadership Development with International Paper, Thomas and Betts, Caterpillar, and the North Mississippi Mayor’s Association, speaking on Leadership as espoused and practiced by General Grant. As a Living Historian, Dr. Fields portrayed General Grant at the 150th Sesquicentennial observations of: Fort Donelson and Shiloh, TN, and Raymond and Vicksburg, MS.  He has been selected to portray General Grant at the 150th anniversary of Lee’s surrender to Grant at Appomattox Court House, VA, in 2015.  He has portrayed the General at Appomattox (with the Living Historian’s group: Lincoln’s Generals) in 2012, 2013 and 2014.  He will portray General Grant in the Visitor Center film that is to be shown at Appomattox Court House National Historic Park, to be shot in July, 2014.  Dr. Fields has appeared with the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra in Vicksburg NMP.  He was featured as General Grant, and as a Grant authority, in the Discovery Channel three-part documentary series “How Booze built America.” Dr. Fields portrays General Grant, giving his life story, on the Civil War Trust website in the 1in4 series of biographies and significant places and events the distinguished Civil War Trust has established.  This may be seen at Civilwar.org and select 1in4 at the top of the page.Fort Pemberton CWT earthworks tour He was honored to have been elected to life Membership in the American Civil War Round Table-Queensland, Australia, and is an occasional contributor to their newsletter: “The Bugle”. He served as a Memphis, TN, Police Officer for four years; was an MPD Hostage negotiator and received the Life-Saving medal from the City of Memphis for actions in the line of duty.  Later he served for nearly 20 years as a Reserve Officer. Dr. Fields is a frequent contributor to “The Civil War Courier” (A Civil War monthly newspaper) and is a member of: The Tennessee Historical Society, The West Tennessee Historical Society, The Shelby County Historical Society, The Nathan Bedford Forrest Historical Society, The Tennessee Civil War Preservation Association, The Appomattox 1865 Foundation, The 290 Foundation (dedicated to the Civil War Navies), The Civil War Trust and the Ulysses S. Grant Association.

Please E-telegraph General Grant for orders or information at: curtfields@hotmail.com

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